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REVIEW: E2 Spice in Shoreditch

Happy New Year everyone! The year 2016 is upon us and my new year resolution? To have no resolutions. Seriously! I believe in continuous self improvement. But secretly I do love a fresh start and I guess 1st Jan is just an excuse for that…

2015 was a year of 2 major milestones for me – graduating university and getting my first permanent full-time job! A year of highs and lows from dissertation stress to finding a good job in the dream location of Central London.

Working in Central London can be pretty bad for your waistline and also your bank balance…as the temptations to eat and spend are many! However, in my short time in the area, I have been hunting out events to meet new people and new places to eat – one of which I will be reviewing today.

So I stumbled across this place when I was going to a open mic night at Rich Mix in the Shoreditch / Bethnal Green area. They are a simple Indian food place and they call themselves E2 Spice. I would describe them as more of a takeaway shop with a few tables in there. But as you know, I am all about value for money so gave them a shot! Here is what I have to say…

Ambience: 5/10

Ambience wise – there is not much of a ambience. BUT, it is not like a typical takeaway and it is infact very clean. The decor (or what little there is) is not bad to look at either. It is not much of a place to have dinner with a date hence the low mark on ambience however to grab a quick lunch on the go, I would have probably given it higher!

Food: 9/10

I ordered the chef special of chicken biryani and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of food! They asked how spicy I wanted it and I said extra spicy (of course) and they obliged. If you are used to your hot peppers and love a little bit of tingle on your tongue like me then this dish will make you very happy. It was quite a large portion with plenty of tasty, succulent chicken pieces spread throughout.

Value for money: 9/10

The biryani dish only cost me £4.50 which considering the hygienic surroundings, central location and outburst of flavours – I thought was a steal!

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable meal and I can’t wait to go back the next time I am in the area to try some new dishes. Click here to see their menu.

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