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Review: Little Bay | Farringdon

Today’s post is going to be reviewing my experience at a small restaurant in Farringdon called Little Bay. They describe themselves as a ‘modern European restaurant’ and hold live opera evenings twice weekly. I am going to be rating the restaurant on 3 metrics – ambience, food and value for money before summarising my overall thoughts.

Ambience: 7/10

There is some very interesting and unique decor inside the restaurant which makes a nice change to the usual simple paint job and tables you may be used to. The warm, red hues blend in with the gold accessories and there is a hint of mystery in the air as you admire the surroundings. The staff were friendly and attentive. We had a table that was rocking but it was sorted out by our waitress as soon as we brought it to her attention so full marks for customer service there!

Sadly, I have no pics of the decor but I would direct you to their website to have a look – click here to see!

Food: 7/10

I ordered a vegetarian moussaka and chips for my meal. The moussaka came with sour cream and salad and the chips were fried in goose fat. I must admit it was my first time trying moussaka so whilst I don’t have anything to compare it to, I can certainly say it was a satisfying meal. The layers were cooked just right with the aubergine layers juicy and succulent and the top cheese layer browned. The flavours were really good and I tend to have a pretty strong taste palette so I was glad that it had some fresh herbs and robust flavours running throughout. It was a really good sized portion and along with the chips, I had more than enough! Chips I would suggest are to share but my love of chips alongside the fact that my friend didn’t want any meant I consumed the lot by myself! As you can probably tell by now, looking greedy didn’t seem to be a concern.

Value for money: 8/10

If I remember right, the moussaka cost me £7.25 and the chips cost £2.85 totalling the order at £10.10. For a meal of this size and taste, I thought this was pretty good value for money! Especially since the ambience was pretty up to scratch too.

Overall, it was a really good experience and I would definitely go again. However, looking at their menu, they have limited choice of veggie dishes (which is what I tend to go for as I am really picky with meat dishes) so I suspect that for a vegetarian or vegan, new dishes to try and the novelty could run out pretty quick.

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