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Nutrition: Sources of information

As someone who is very keen on eating healthily, I try and plan meals around meeting my recommended daily allowance of nutrients. These are just a few of the sources I use to gather information on what we need and how much we need on a daily basis:

NHS Choices

This website is super for giving a brief overview of what vitamins and minerals your body needs and also gives suggestions as to what foods contain the nutrients. Being the NHS, it is also a pretty reliable source of information.

British Nutrition Foundation

Another great yet reliable source of information is the British Nutrition Foundation. Their website goes into detail in regards to each nutrient and also gives tips on how to eat a varied diet along with a breakdown of nutrients in each food item which is always handy. If you like to keep on top of nutrition in the news, then this is the site for you.

USDA Food Search Tool

If you have always wondered how many calories are in a banana or what is the fiber content of a potato or how much vitamin C you can get from an orange then this is the website for you. It is run by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and is very useful if you are trying to figure out whether your diet is providing you with enough nutrients.

Alongside these websites, I often scour the web to keep on top of any nutritional breakthroughs. I hope this helps you to see how easy it is to take control of your eating habits and ensure you consume enough of each nutrient to live a long and healthy life. 😀

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